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Here some starter steps and stories and scriptures to walk with you on the first steps. 

This is coming soon. 


       Join the pack to be apart of the pack! $25.00 a month gift that gives you access to the next steps impact and so much more... Join the group with special guests and impact people that will grow and minister, from worship to speakers and amazing men and women of God! this is life changing.  The "R.O.A.R. Pack" is for those who want to go higher to reveal and see what God has for them at the next level! it is going to be amazing! can't wait to meet or to see you there!


         Discipleship is simply walking and learning things, it is going step by step deeper into the moments we have for the greatness of God it is not us being perfect it is learning and growing in Jesus to become perfect through Him. I want you to hear the greatness of God and how when He moves through you and it changes everything.  As you go forward with Each step it impacts and shows you as God moves through you who He is. You know who you are but Him through you is everything! Discipleship is what we need, God tells us so many times it is Him in and with us. 

   As you dive deeper it is incredible the amazing moments with God that set you and Him in a different part of our relationship with Him.   So as we walk with Him that is all we have to know is He loves us and is taking us step by step so let's walk together. 

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