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Welcome to our partner giving page, where your donations make a difference. By partnering with us, you become part of a purposeful journey. Together, we bring hope, transform lives, and draw people closer to God through ministry, worship, and impact. Your support helps us organize meaningful events, create immersive worship experiences, and reach out with compassion. Join us in sowing seeds of hope and witnessing lives changed as we walk hand in hand, united in our mission to bring revival, restoration, and the love of God to many. Thank you for your generous partnership.

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Through your partnership in giving we are able to do greater ministry, more consistent impact, worship, and impact in this generation's time of need, your partnership financially will not only support a night of worship but will also create a place of hope, impact, and a deepening relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Your generous contributions will help us organize impactful events, worship gatherings, online content and better ways to reach this nation. As well as outreach and initiatives that touch the lives of many as well as online discipleship. Together, we can provide a transformative experience where individuals can encounter the presence of God, find solace in His love, and build a lasting relationship with Him through the work of the Holy Spirit, and then spread it to others as we are called to. Your support is instrumental in bringing about spiritual revival and touching the hearts of this generation, as we unite in worship, service, and the proclamation of God's truth.

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At Brent Taylor Live Ministries, we as a team are passionate about using music, God's Word and gatherings  to bring people closer to Jesus Christ and in unity. We know that music, God's word and worship, when used in the right way, can have a positive impact on this generation and the generations to come. That’s why we have been providing nights of worship and ministry since our inception.
We invite you to join us in our mission to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the world through music and the great commission. Come and experience the beauty of His presence through worship and its power to bring people together.

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