BRENT  TAYLORfounder/directorWorship is the moment our extravagance, in demonstration meets the heart of the Father beyond our words, beyond ourselves, and beyond our thoughts. It is the expressed action of love in motion through our lifestyle. God is worthy of our heartbeat and our crowns! The songwriter wrote, “There is nothing worth more or that will ever compare.” There are many phrases that display the heart, but do our hearts display the phrases we sing. We believe that worship is the exciting, anticipated expression of gratefulness of all that is in us and around us. There are two areas of worship, personal and corporate. David said “I will not Give the Lord that which will cost me nothing”, As well as “Let all that is within me cry Holy.” So whether in your home, car, living room, or church, we believe that it is not just a matter of the heart, but a matter of action.       Exodus 34:14 King James Version (KJV) “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.Psalm 29:1, 2  King James Version (KJV) “Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty, give unto the Lord glory and strength. Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.”       "Contemporary Worship" "Worship" "Ministry" "Unity" It is what we give to the Lord.                UNSHAKABLEFOCUS ON CHRIST WORSHIP "LIMITLESSLY" BRENT,         WAS NAMED GLASS AWARDS CANADIAN 2014 CHRISTIAN ARTIST OF THE YEAR HE HAS SHARED STAGES AND TRAVELED WITH NAMES SUCH AS LINCOLN BREWSTER, JOHNNY DIAZ, THE AFTERS, KJ 52, MANIC DRIVE, TODD DULANEY, WINTER FEST, FESTIVALS, SANCTUS REAL, PHIL WICKHAM, FORMER PALMIST AND WORSHIP LEADER AT GREAT FAITH MINISTRIES WITH BISHOP WAYNE T. JACKSON, WHO RECENTLY PRAYED AT THE U.S. 2017 PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION, MICHEAL W SMITH AND MANY MORE. BRENT’S MINISTRY HAS BEEN FEATURED ON TBN, TCT AND MORE, BRENT HAS HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO LEAD WORSHIP SERVICES NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY IN CANADA, UNITED STATES, AFRICA, BAHAMAS, MEXICO AND EL-SALVADOR. WHETHER THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE ROOM OR THOUSANDS, OUR FOCUS WAS AMAZING. About "B"         When someone is connected to the Lord, nothing is impossible. Brent’s life has shown time and time again how the hand of God is using him to spread the power and love of Jesus Christ. In venues around the world, Brent is leading the body of Christ into a lifestyle of worship.  Recognized by many for his powerful and worship-driven heart, he has a gift for creating an atmosphere of worship which continues to captivate and transform audiences worldwide.         Brent’s ministry in music features spirit-led worship featuring a blend and high energy praise to the King of Kings. Brent's  desire is to lead people to where they can experience a moment with the Lord in His presence! He has been in several different arenas from spirit-filled, contemporary, Black Gospel, Latino services, and more... from 100's to 1,000's, it is about leading people to the throne and feet of God powerfully!         Brent has released albums such as “Magnify,” “Enter In,” and “BEYOND.”  Most recently, he has released a new album, “Not Here For Me.”  He is currently working on new albums for the church. As was mentioned, B has shared the stage with many renowned artists, but the one he is most thankful for being allowed to share the stage with, and holds dearest to his heart is the Holy Spirit. Is there any bigger name than Jesus? MY STORY: My Story is one of grace and love; a story filled with the heart and hand of God.  At four months old, I was given up for adoption by a 13 year old mother contemplating aborting him. God stepped in  and allowed him to be adopted by Glenn and Wendy Taylor, a young Christian couple from Wheatley, Ontario, Canada.  This couple would pour the truth of God’s greatness and his word into him, filling his heart with confidence and biblical truths.    Discerning at a young age that their son was predestined for ministry, the Taylor’s began to pour Christ into him. His heart was for missions and being a cowboy on the side; a gift that Brent says he will forever be grateful for.       One night, when I  was 17, his mom was captivated by his singing as she passed by his room. It was then that she recognized the extraordinary musical talent within her son. She began encouraging him to use his gift to glorify God. Shortly thereafter, I was enlisted in a talent night at his local church. The single success of that night would push him into a leadership role in music ministry, and become the catalyst that would propel him into his destiny of traveling and impacting lives for Christ.  The story you’re about to hear is one of purpose and destiny, and a story that only God could have put together. God’s story through my life is one of hope, planted by Him to help those that are around him realize that He is our everything, and He has a plan for everyone.  His story begins with Angela Gabriel; a 13 year old girl who was pregnant, and not ready to be a mother.  After many conversations and thoughts of getting rid of her unborn child, she decided to put him up for adoption.  Meanwhile, Glenn and Wendy Taylor, a young biracial couple, who were unable to get pregnant, were placed on an adoption waiting list and were waiting and praying faithfully for the right placement. But even that was a challenge.              Wendy, who was raised in the Mennonite Brethren tradition, married Glenn, who was raised in a black Pentecostal church. They were one of the first interracial and interfaith couples in the area.  Glenn was the first black man Wendy had ever seen, let alone meet.  They were married and built a life together. In the years before getting the call to come and see Brent, they fostered children in their home (and in the years after the adoption). They fostered over 160 kids!              Wendy, who was raised in the Mennonite Brethren tradition, married Glenn, who was raised in a black Pentecostal church. They were one of the first interracial and interfaith couples in the area.  Glenn was the first black man Wendy had ever seen, let alone meet.  They were married and built a life together. In the years before getting the call to come and see Brent, they fostered children in their home (and in the years after the adoption). They fostered over 160 kids!               “It is amazing how God was moving even then. Here I was, a mixed baby in the 1970s with no place to go, and there they were, a bi-racial couple waiting for the right placement. Yes, God had a plan. After receiving a call there was a baby they could come and see, Glenn and Wendy drove to where I was and we all met for the first time. The moment they held me, they desired to keep me, as if I was already their own. Then they were told that there were no papers filled out from the birth mother, so they went back home, broken-hearted and feeling as if their world had been turned upside down. They were left wondering why this would happen, and why they were even shown a child they could not have.   Wendy’s heart was broken, so they prayed and prayed, and asked God to show them the problems that needed to be fixed with the adoption, and prayed for them to be resolved.   A few months later, they received a phone call, asking if they still wanted the baby boy that they had seen.  There was no hesitation and they went to get their baby and brought me home             “I was raised in a Christian family from that point on. God blessed me, but, as I grew up, I faced a great deal of challenges in school from being the only mixed-race child. I began fighting, and with a chip on my shoulder, I began struggling with school and home. School was also a challenge because even though I was intelligent, I wasn’t able to focus or understand various things. I wanted to give up because I was called stupid and was placed in “slow” classes.  Later, I was diagnosed with ADD, but at the time no one knew what was wrong with me. However, I was great at sports and great with people. Basketball and my personality got me through school, and my personality and prayers from my parents have gotten me through life so far!           “God worked on My heart for years through circumstances and places, pulling me to Him over and over and over again. I would hide who I was because of my lack of acceptance, not knowing who I was! But God would never let me go. When I wanted to run away, He never let me get far away. I struggled for years, but in the middle of my trials, I found my place at a piano, writing songs to the King of kings and speaking to Him. God guided me through my insecurities, loss and confusion, hurt anger; all of it. Music was my language to Him. He taught me through worship. Not just by a song but through worship. I kept slipping back and forth, but He continued holding on to me. No matter if I lied or gave myself to someone other than Him, He never left me. I struggled with who I was created to be, and was beaten up by the world; but through the word and His love, I made it.         “He chose me; even when I would not choose myself, God Loved me. In spite of all the pain, bad relationships, bad relationships with my father, anger, loss, confusion, lies and so much more, God, through the Holy spirit, opened my eyes and heart. I knew it was the Lord every time I would sit down... No matter whether I was up down, if felt like a failure or was on top of the world, the place I would find the Lord was singing... not for applause from men, but to be heard by the Lord.       “Being in God's presence changes you, heals you, and shows you he values you. That is the place where we can love Him back and have Him smile at us. Not so people can say YES, you’re awesome, but to say YES, GOD IS AMAZING! My life and testimony is all about Him. "I am a door man, holding the door open for others to meet the Holy Spirit and be ushered into a room where he desires to take them. I am not the concierge. I am humbled. I get to sing, speak and minister on His behalf. There are a lot of parts to my story, but the one that matters above all is God, and I pray I reflect Him every time I appear on the stage of life.""WE ARE NOT CELEBRITIES, WE ARE WORSHIPERS." Our story is not about all we have accomplished but what HE has accomplished in and through us.